“I have worked directly with Epiphany Community Services (ECS) since April of 2020 when I began consultation with the company regarding a federal grant. Since the beginning of this relationship, I have found ECS to be professional, knowledgeable, and very responsive. In preparation for the grant, ECS met with me over the course of several months, gathering data, consulting with the grant team, and providing professional expertise. The writing of the grant took several iterations and an extensive research process. ECS was available to answer questions, provide information, and read through the documentation. ECS provided honest feedback in a constructive way, which allowed me to meet the objectives of the grant proposal and submit the application to standard. ECS developed relationships with myself and the team yet they never sacrificed quality of work or lessened standards to do so.

In August of 2020, the grant team learned that we had received the grant. ECS played a role in securing this funding for our organization which will positively impact the selected rural area and its residents. After receipt of the grant, ECS came on board as a consortium team member, grant evaluator, and data analyst. I have primarily worked with ECS President Deacon Dzierzawski and Evaluator Laura Brinson. Mr. Dzierzawski has shown a commitment to community social initiatives, using data and analysis to determine where efforts can be best focused and the effectiveness of these efforts. He and Mrs. Brinson have led our consortium team meetings, providing structure, and focusing efforts. They bring positive, friendly energy to our project and have adaptive to each new challenge that arises. The grant consortium team is comprised of people from several different social sectors. Mr. Dzierzawski and Mrs. Brinson have been able to explain technical matters in a way that is approachable and understandable by all involved, always willing to answer questions. They encourage analysis from different angles and are able to draw on each consortium member’s strengths.

I have been so impressed with the high standards and quality of work that ECS provides as well as the approachability of the staff. They have been an asset to our team and I look forward to continued work with them now and into the future.”


“We found Epiphany Community Services in 2014 while working on a Drug-Free Community (DFC) Grant to fund a newly formed coalition in our neighborhood on Long Island in New York. Kelli Keck of Ephiphany came highly recommended from a successful coalition located in Riverhead, New York. As soon as we asked for assistance, Epiphany responded with thoughtful suggestions and a collaborative approach to preparing our grant application. We were so happy to have found Kelli to help prepare our DFC documentation. With a very short turnaround, we were able to confidently submit our bid for this necessary funding to empower our community to stimulate the change we needed to address the social issues affecting our residents.

We didn’t know Kelli or her colleagues. Still, they took the time to get to know us and not only gave us guidance in the right direction but provided valuable feedback and insightful suggestions to develop our processes and measurable outcomes. We could not believe that we were successful on our first attempt, and now five years later, our competitive application for $625,000 was re-funded for another five years. The data collection that helps us tell our story is invaluable in creating an agency of change in a positive direction and improved quality of life for our citizens.   This well thought out approach helps our community cultivate a more robust, united, evidence-based, data-driven approach to the issues our students and adults, young and old, face in these uncertain times. Seeing the need to create a more focused plan to assist our members in creating an environment they can thrive in, we procured a second Partnership for Success grant with Ephiphany’s guidance for 1.5 Million dollars.  This grant will enable our coalition to expand our work into the surrounding communities, increasing our catchment area from 49,000 to over 215,000 citizens. We will continue our relationship with Epiphany to keep us focused on our mission with the kind of informed evaluation that ensures our community will emerge stronger, more knowledgeable, united, and safer than ever.”

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