Every day, schools interact with the youth of our communities, and teachers and employees see firsthand how community problems are affecting children. In many areas, the best method of community revitalization and protection is to improve upon schools and school programs. The unique perspective of a school, in addition to continuous engagement with students, allows schools to have a significant influence on their communities — and significant insights into the problems facing their community members.

Through ECS, school districts are able to more effectively implement programs and sustain their work. Here’s a look into how our specialties transfer directly to the school districts.


School Analysis of Behavior Health Initiatives

How are health initiatives performing within the school? Is there anything the school can do to make them better or more effective? Through ECS, organizations can collect the data they need to manage and improve upon their current health initiatives.

ECS pays attention to the risks that children are facing, their relationships with authority figures and peers, and their access to substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The answers within the community may not always be obvious without thorough data collection, and behavior health initiatives need to be backed by science.

Program Evaluation and Development

Schools don’t always have the resources or the expertise to analyze and improve upon their own programs, nor the time to devote to ideation and concept development of new programs. ECS is an expert in determining how engaging and effective programs are within the community.

School districts can have their current programs analyzed and evaluated, to determine whether they are being as effective as they should be. Through Program Evaluation and Development, schools will find out more about the programs that their community really needs, and how to develop these programs out into robust solutions.

Resource Development

Schools often struggle with resource development. Fundraising, individual funders, grant writing proposals — ECS can help schools develop their resources further, sustainably. This will create a firmer foundation on which the school can develop their programs and plan for the future. When schools are constantly competing for funding, it can be difficult to concentrate on the initiatives that would otherwise be meaningful. That’s where ECS can come in.

Student Surveys and School Engagement

It’s hard to develop programs for students and parents without knowing what the students themselves think. Through surveys and School Engagement, ECS can help school districts reach directly out to the community and learn more about the challenges their facing. Once students, parents, and even teachers have been surveyed and return information, the school can then target their challenges far more effectively. ECS provides data collection and analysis services so that organizations are better and more accurately targeting community needs.

ECS provides complete services to school districts, from the analysis of the district’s current performance to improving the district both now and in the future. Want to learn more about what ECS can do for your school district? Contact us today.

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