Government agencies require strong insight into the communities they serve. Just like any other organization, understanding, evaluating, and addressing community needs can often be a challenge for federal, state, or local government agencies. ECS supports government agencies in their efforts to fulfill their commitment to enhance community resources, provide support to citizens, and address community challenges.


Evaluation Services

Through program evaluation services, constituent surveys, and organizational analysis, ECS can help government organizations determine their major pain points and the changes they need to thrive. ECS can help government entities determine the right ways to apply the resources they have toward the needs of the community. With ECS, government entities are able to engage in conscientious Program and Concept Development, creating programs that will be advantageous to the community, and readily accessible.

Strategic and Action Planning

Through the Theory of Change and Logic Model Development, ECS can guide government entities through the strategies they need to become more effective and proficient. Organizations are able to build up their sustainability and their community engagement, with actionable plans that are easy to implement and easier to manage. Government entities are often operating with lean budgets, or with technology that needs a refresh. Action planning strategies and careful change management can help government entities transition to newer processes and superior resources without disruption.


Resource Generation and Grant Assistance

Growth is frequently the most challenging time for an organization. Through Capacity and Infrastructure Development, organizations are able to grow with greater levels of sustainability and stability. ECS can provide superior Resource Generation and Grant Assistance, making it easier for organizations to secure the funding they need. Even government services frequently need to manage their budgets and secure their resources. With Campaign Development and Organizing expertise, ECS can help government entities build their fundraising efforts and resource management skills.

Leadership Development and Transitional Planning

To maintain growth and stability, organizations need to be able to proceed without disruption. ECS can provide complete transitional planning services, so organizations know exactly what they will do when their leadership changes. Depending on the governmental entity, leadership changes may be rare, or they may be fairly frequent. Regardless, most organizations are used to periods of disruption during transition. With our expertise, organizations are able to create seamless transfers of leadership that will benefit the organization immediately.

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