Community organizations are solely focused on improving the quality of the community and the lives of its members. The essential catalyst for community change is the local organizations that support the future stability and growth of a community. These community organizations require, but are often lacking, stable teams and supportive leadership.  ECS partners with community organizations to strengthen from within, facilitate community change, and collect data to support initiatives. 

Our Community Organization Services can include:


Coalition Evaluation and Program Evaluation

Driven by data from constituent surveys, school surveys, and community insights, ECS can provide key organizational insights and evaluation. With the right data, coalitions can determine whether they are being effective throughout their community, whether the challenges within their community may have changed, and whether their resources are being correctly allocated throughout their programs. Better program evaluation leads directly to better programs and more efficient and optimized solutions.

Theory of Change and Logic Model Development

Community organizations frequently need to change and uproot their current logic models. Logic models control how the organization is adapting to using its resources to directly address their goals. Organizations may need to revise or alter their logic models if they are no longer getting the results they need. Through logic models, change management can be a more intuitive and less disruptive process.

Strategic and Action Planning

Changes within community organizations can be difficult to deploy. Not only do changes require more by way of time and resources, but they also need to be carefully controlled to avoid disrupting the organization’s current programs. ECS can provide vital support during the process of strategic and action planning to ensure that organizations are able to smoothly put their plans into action without disruption.

Resource Generation and Grant Assistance

For community organizations, fundraising is important — often just as important as it is for nonprofits. ECS will help with sustainable resource generation and grant assistance, so organizations are able to capture more resources and are able to capture these resources reliably. Organizations need to know what levels of funding they can count on. By engaging communities on a closer level, organizations can build up their resources sustainably.


Member Recruitment and Engagement

Members from the community are vital to ensuring that community organizations remain on the right path and remain targeted to the community’s needs. The more the community is engaged, the more effective programs will be. ECS can help organizations tailor their member recruitment and engagement to their community, fostering better and deeper relationships. In addition, ECS can help provide leadership development and transition planning, to build better leaders from within the community.

Technical Support

With evaluation software, member management, surveys, and hardware-software integration, ECS can help organizations establish the technical flows and processes they need to remain efficient. With an eye on budgets, ECS can create technical workflows that are best for the organization without spending an excessive amount of resources.

ECS provides in-depth support for the organizations serving the community. Contact ECS today to find out more.

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