Nonprofit organizations operate in an environment unlike other private and public organizations. Nonprofit organizations are often seeking their next funding, have increased levels of transparency, and rely upon their community interactions and engagement for the future of their programs. Nonprofits need to have the support necessary to operate most effectively — to create leaner, more effective budgets, and to encourage continuous quality improvement.

ECS can provide support, facilitation, and analysis to nonprofit organizations for those active in the nonprofit community. Through ECS, nonprofit organizations can fine tune and optimize their existing strategies and ensure that they are meeting the needs of the community.


Our Nonprofit Services can include:

Nonprofit Start-Up Education

Nonprofit organizations face different challenges from most start-ups. For those interested in starting a nonprofit organization, ECS can provide actionable insights into the structure of the organization, its outreach, its paths towards funding, and its core infrastructure. Thus, nonprofits can begin with a firm foundation and sustainable infrastructure.

Program Evaluation, Constituent Surveys, and Organizational Analysis

A nonprofit organization is only as effective as its programs. ECS can collect data directly from the community and constituents, determining whether the organization’s current plans are useful and whether there are areas of the organization that need to change.

Theory of Change and Logic Model Development

Change can be difficult even in the best of circumstances. Nonprofit organizations are often time and cash-strapped, and consequently don’t feel they can invest in change. Yet, change is often necessary to survive. Through Logic Model Development and the Theory of Change, ECS can promote healthier, less disruptive changes towards better patterns.

Resource Generation and Grant Assistance

There are few things as necessary to nonprofit organizations as resource generation and grant assistance. ECS provides these services to ensure that nonprofit organizations can build the resources they need to grow with stability. ECS will help nonprofit organizations generate the resources they need for their programs and to support the community moving forward through strategic action plans.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is essential to keeping a nonprofit organization targeted and effective. With surveys, focus groups, and listening sessions, ECS can help a charitable organization tap into its community’s needs — and assess whether it could be doing better.

Leadership Development and Transition Planning

When leadership is in flux, it can be difficult for a nonprofit organization to get anything done. Passionate leaders often drive nonprofit organizations, but even they may change. Transition planning and leadership development ensure that there is always a reliable individual to take the reins of the organization moving forward and that transitions of leadership are as non-disruptive as possible.

Technological Support

ECS provides evaluation software, member management, hardware-software integration, and general technical support, to help nonprofit organizations create a framework that can help them thrive. Nonprofit organizations may not have the time or resources to otherwise keep abreast of new technologies; ECS can help.

ECS can help nonprofit organizations take advantage of the resources they have, while also furthering the support they can acquire. For more information, contact the professionals at ECS.

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