Organizational Training

From convenient online webinars to hands-on onsite training, ECS provides customized courses to suit the needs of any organization. Through our ECS Coalition Essentials and ECS Leadership Essentials courses, your organization will be able to operate more effectively, building pathways towards achieving success.

ECS Coalition Essentials

The ECS Coalition Essentials training series equips community coalitions to build key competencies and design outstanding programs, activities, and interventions using practical tools and resources. Through ECS Coalition Essentials, coalitions are able to improve their strategy, data collection, and sustainability, building towards real long-term growth. From coalitions that are just getting started to coalitions that are ramping up, ECS Coalition Essentials has a wide variety of coursework and workshops that can be used to directly address specific challenges.

Our coursework includes:

  • Coalitions 101.
  • Strategic Prevention Framework.
  • Data Collection.
  • Problems Analysis and Logic Models.
  • Strategies for Community Change.
  • Community Engagement.
  • Strategic and Action Planning.
  • Sustainability Planning.

Through this comprehensive series of training courses, coalitions will be able to better address the challenges that come with developing thriving communities. Coalitions can learn more about the tools that they need to measure and improve upon their operations and how they can better engage their communities.

Available in half-day workshops that can be taken either individually or as a series, ECS Coalition Essentials courses can be delivered in-person or adapted for online delivery. After ECS Coalition Essentials, individuals will be better able to identify their organization’s core competencies and pain points, and able to move towards improvement.

ECS Leadership Essentials

There are few things as important to an organization as solid leadership. The ECS Leadership Essentials series helps leaders grow their confidence and skillsets, so they can lead their team toward a shared vision. These half-day workshops, which may be taken individually or as part of a training series, can be taken online or on-site. As leaders progress through these training sessions, they will learn more about the tools they need to use to communicate effectively with their team, build a strong team, and negotiate and manage conflicts and interactions within the team.

Skills include:

  • Learn how to take charge. Leadership is not the same as management. Through our leadership courses, you’ll learn more about leadership styles, and how to strategically deploy these concepts. You’ll learn about how you can build your confidence and get more done as a leader, and when you should lead and when you should listen.
  • Build a strong team. A team-building exercise isn’t all an organization needs to create tightly forged, effective teams. Learn more about how to build effective teams and how to nurture them so they can better work together. Teams don’t start out working like a well-tuned machine: They need to be guided.
  • Improve your meetings. Never have another “meeting that could have been a memo.” Find out how you can create action-oriented meetings that get the most of your time, and that inspire your attendees. Start looking forward to your meetings as a place where you get work done.
  • Develop conflict management skills. Work styles, priorities, and preferences can make it difficult for team members to work together. Learn more about how to manage these conflicts and bring your team even closer together.
  • Practice effective communication. Communication is an absolutely essential skill for any type of leader. Find out more about how you can listen and express yourself more effectively.

Are you ready to learn more? Our training sessions and courses can be tailored to your organization’s needs. Contact us today to get started.

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