Without community funders, most nonprofit organizations and community coalitions would be unable to operate. Community funders are the lifeblood of the community, but this also carries with it a heavy responsibility. When donors financially support an organization, it also becomes necessary to ensure that the organization has the resources and capacity to fulfill its stated objectives. Donors need to know that their dollars are being used effectively and that they are staying on top of their community investments.


Evaluating Funding Outcomes

In many ways, funding is like investing in a business. Funders need to be able to see the outcomes of their funding, not only relative to the organization they are funding, but also relative to other organizations that have potential. Funders need to know that the funding that they provide to a specific organization is being used as effectively as it would be in other, related community organizations — or else, their funding may be better spent elsewhere.

Through ECS, community funders can garner deep insights into how their money is being used to better the community. They can analyze how their contributions are being used directly by the programs, how the programs are growing and improving, and whether there may be better opportunities within the community. Funders can rest assured that they know how their funds are being used and that the funds are fulfilling stated objectives.

Funders are also able to assess new organizations and determine which organizations may make the best use of their funding. As nonprofit organizations and community organizations start, they need backing to be successful. But without the right analysis and assessments, funders may not be able to identify the start-ups that are most likely to fulfill community needs, or reliably create community engagement.

Funders can also be told how they can better support the organizations that they are closely engaged with, and how their dollars might be even more useful. This constant progress goes both ways, reassuring funders that their funding is being taken care of, and improving upon the programs and opportunities provided by the organization. All of this information can be gathered through the rigorously tested data collection and analysis processes of ECS.

Provide Technical Support to Grantees

Often, grantees need technical support to be able to better track and report outcomes to funders. ECS provides in-depth technical assistance to nonprofit organizations, community organizations, schools, and more. Through ECS, organizations can get better analysis and reporting. This analysis doesn’t just help the funders evaluate outcomes; it helps the organization itself identify areas for improvement and growth. Donors who are interested in learning more about the organizations that they fund, or are interested in finding future organizations to support, should contact ECS to learn more.

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