November 1, 2013
  1. What are the state requirements or limits for a social host ordinance? This includes if it can be a criminal or civil violations. How will liability fit into the ordinance?
  2. Where will the income from the fines go? Can funds be directed directly toward prevention or the coalition?
  3. Ask neighboring communities for their ordinances. Discussing strategies and challenges with successful and unsuccessful groups will provide guidance on your next steps.
  4. Can or will local law enforcement be able to enforce the ordinance? You must consider if it is worth the effort to pass an ordinance that lacks teeth or that law enforcement cannot or will not enforce.
  5. Use this time to build relationships with key leaders. You may not be successful this time but you can build relationships that will help when addressing other policy and community issues in the future.
  6. Use coalition members as the voice to advocate for the ordinance.