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Organization Development

A coalition is a group of people working together to make positive changes in a community. A challenge that many coalitions face is finding the right people to implement interventions and create change. Our organization development consultation and service is designed to help coalitions build strategic capacity to conduct community problem analysis, ensure community voice and perspective are represented, and engage enough feet on the ground to make a difference.

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Sometimes organizations need an unbiased partner to assist them in determining their needs and making decisions. Our staff is adept at providing consultation on a multitude of issues facing organizations including strategic and action planning, leadership development, and succession planning. Let us work with you to design a process that moves your organization forward.
We work with our clients to institutionalize resource generation and to develop case statements, resource tracking, and identification of resource needs. We assist with the acquisition of funding through grants, donations, in-kind, and volunteer time to help fund and support the organizations projects, initiatives, and work. Our research on policies, legislation, and best practices ensures that your coalition is running as efficiently as possible.
We provide transition planning for coalitions going through staff and leadership changes. Transition planning helps make those transitions easier and smoother by framing what to do when staff leaves or when new staff is hired. Transition planning reduces the time it takes for a coalition to adjust to staff changes, allowing the coalition to remain productive and efficient.

Applying for a grant can be overwhelming but is essential for many coalitions success. We assists coalitions with the grant writing process by editing and providing suggestions so that a coalition’s grant stands out. With our assistance, your grant will be more engaging and easier for reviewers to read.


Having a clear, stable structure with defined roles and responsibilities for leadership, coalition, and staff members will allow coalitions to run as smoothly as possible. Developing roles and responsibilities for coalition members and staff ensures that all participants understand their obligations to the coalition and can hold each other accountable for implementing the work. Our staff is experienced in providing insight on how best to manage relationships between leadership, coalition, and staff members.

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