July 19, 2017

Epiphany Community Services Strategic Staffing Initiative

ECS is pleased to announce the following additions to our staff.  These positions are part of our overall strategic efforts to meet current and future client needs.

[testimonial author=”Kelli Keck, ECS Vice President.”]”ECS is excited to welcome Pat, Jess, and Erin. Each have unique skills that will allow us to grow strategically as a company and increase our level of service to our clients.”[/testimonial]



Dr. Pat Galdeen

VP of Research

Pat is moving from part-time to full time. She will continue to oversee our data collection processes for compliance with human subjects and methodological fidelity.  As well as expand her role to focus on special projects, organizational, team, and leadership development.

Erin Hachtel

Director of Outreach & Education

Erin is both an experienced trainer and a community coalition leader, most recently with Wood County Project Connect.  This hire combines elements of two previous positions, allowing us to provide holistic member development services through training, technical assistance, and outreach events.

Jessica Gilsdorf

Project Coordinator

Jessica has also taken on a larger role as Project Coordinator.  She will be expanding her tasks to include on-boarding support for clients, data review and entry, as well as monitoring and updating the website and social media outlets.  Jessica will be providing support for staff in many area of our work, to help improve the quality of service we provide our clients.