May 30, 2017

Coalitions should have strong relationships with the schools in their area to work directly with youth. Sometimes it can be hard to gain the school’s support, here are some tips to ensure that schools will want to collaborate.

Schools are more likely to collaborate if there is parent engagement and support for the coalition. Along with coalition staff, parent members help show schools the value of what your coalition does and how working alongside the coalition will benefit the community’s youth.

If you are a parent member, try to use the passion that pushed you to become a coalition member to show schools why they should also join in on coalition efforts to keep youth safe and drug-free.

Along with parent support, coalitions must clearly illustrate that there is a problem in the community. Data from surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc. help coalitions prove that there is a problem.

ECS works alongside coalitions to obtain this data and we ensure that your data is clean and easy to interpret, making it easier for your coalition to engage schools.