Coalitions in the News
August 26, 2020

Riverhead CAP

Riverhead CAP, was featured in CADCA’s online newsletter for their continued efforts through the COVID-19 pandemic. Continuing prevention work in a community can be challenging when you are not allowed to go anywhere or how there are now all of these new regulations and standards that have to be followed. However, Riverhead CAP has been hard at work on several projects to continue to improve their community despite the ongoing pandemic. Check out CADCA’s article about Riverhead CAP to learn more.

Campbell County Drug-Free Alliance

In Campbell County, Kentucky, CCDFA isn’t letting the pandemic stop them from continuing to spread knowledge through media. They have been hard at work this moth promoting their #NotInMyHouseCCDFA campaign. Through this campaign they have been sharing helpful stats about youth and underage drinking and encouraging adults to talk to youth about the risks and harms of drinking underage.

Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention – ASAP

Its not just about the large impacts you have its also about the little things you do for your community that can help influence change. ASAP has been starting to include both English and Spanish versions of their marketing materials increase access to information and resources for those who may not speak English as their first language. Check out some of their awesome marketing materials on their Facebook page today.

Jefferson County Drug Free Coalition

Earlier in August Emi Reiner from Jefferson County Drug Free Coalition, was interviewed by a local radio show in Wisconsin, “Morning Magazine” on 940 WFAW. She was able to share some important information about overdose stats in the state of Wisconsin and share some helpful resources for those you are seeking help. Check out the full interview here and for more information about Jefferson County Drug Free Coalition check out their website.