May 27, 2016


What is a coalition?

“Voluntary, strategic alliance . . . to enhance [our ability] to achieve a common purpose by sharing risks, responsibilities, resources and rewards.” -Himmelman

A Coalition is a group of people working together to make positive changes in a community.

Coalitions encompass three roles:

  1. Service
  1. Coordination
  1. Community Mobilization


Services are provided with the aim of providing:

  1. New information to individuals or groups;
  1. Skills or tools to individuals or groups and
  1. Products to individuals or groups that affect the desired behavior.


Communities have a lot of things happening that can affect our desired outcomes.  Coordination is aimed at:

  1. Ensuring effective use of limited resources;
  1. Providing a consistent message across multiple organizations and systems and
  1. Providing complimentary services to the broader population.

Community Mobilization

Community Mobilization, also known as coalition development/building is designed to:

  1. Provide enough feet on the ground to make a difference;
  1. Ensure community voice and perspective on community issues and
  1. Community problem analysis and action.

Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) Components

  1. Assessment
  1. Capacity
  1. Planning
  1. Implementation
  1. Evaluation
  1. Cultural Competency
  1. Sustainability

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