May 23, 2013

This year, the Jackson County Anti Drug Coalition in Jackson County West Virginia went above and beyond with multiple strategies to curb underage drinking for prom. Here are some of the activities and promotions JCADC did to help bring the youth in the community back to school safely the Monday after prom. It’s important to note that the cost associated with these activities was completely covered by community donations.

  1. Had Prom postcards made for each high school around their PROM theme and the PROM message we selected which was Please Return On Monday. The postcards were sent to the home of every Jr and Senior in both high schools—addressed “To the Parents of….”
  2. Had volunteers who allowed us to list their phone numbers on a card that was then placed in the Prom favors taken by students. They could call any number at any time if they felt unsafe for a ride home.
  3. Cards were placed in the tuxedos for each student who rented from our local tuxedo location that had the Top 10 Ways to Have Fun on Prom Night without Drinking.
  4. Ribbons were made in school colors with the imprint Please Return on Monday and the partnering organization. One ribbon was placed on each boutonniere, corsage, or bouquet of flowers that was ordered for prom.
  5. We also hung banners up at each school with our Please Return On Monday message.[responsive]5232013_A[/responsive]
  6. Staff wore buttons provided by Rite Aid Pharmacy with the Prom Theme for each school and Please Return on Monday message.
  7. Elementary School children wrote letters to the Jrs and Seniors about having a safe weekend and those letters were given out to students as they purchased their prom tickets.
  8. Newspaper articles were written and published reminding parents it is illegal to provide alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.
  9. Letters were written and mailed to local retailers and local law enforcement agencies visited the retailers to remind them about the fines of selling to minors.
  10. Yellow yard letters were placed by a local sign company in an area close to or on the way to the Prom so the kids could see our Please Return on Monday message.[responsive]5232013_B[/responsive]