Welcome to the ECS Family!

Here you will find downloadable handouts and guides to help you navigate your first few months as an ECS client. The tools provided within the following categories are simply to get you started. For more handouts and tools be sure to check out our Tools & Topics section of the portal.

Step 1:

I’m a client, now what?

  • New Client Engagement Process
  • Data Request

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Step 2:

About ECS

  • Who is ECS?
  • How ECS Does Evaluation
  • Making the most of your ECS visit
  • Who’s Who at ECS

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Step 3:

About Reach Evaluation Software

  • Data Collection Tools
  • Helpful Handouts

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Step 4:

Building an Evaluation Committee

  • Logic Model Development
  • Evaluation Committee Responsibilities

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Step 5:

Building a Coalition

  • Sample Job Descriptions
  • Sample Member Responsibilities

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Step 6:

Training Opportunities

  • 7 Strategies for Effective Change
  • ECS Coalition Essentials
  • ECS Leadership Essentials

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