Molly Campbell

Project Manager

Molly, a resident of Toledo, OH, graduated in 2012 from The University of Toledo with a B.A. in Psychology. Molly was invited to work as a Research Assistant in one of the Health/Social Psychology labs while at the university. Her experiences in the lab gave her a greater working knowledge of research methods, survey design, interview techniques, qualitative and quantitative coding, and SPSS. Before that, Molly had 13 years of experience working for a large marketing research company doing data collection, verification, and coding.

At ECS, Molly draws on this experience to perform a variety of tasks. In her spare time, Molly is an avid reader (mostly science fiction) and an amateur writer. She is a yearly participant in NaNoWriMo, an annual event where participants attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Molly has yet to reach this goal, but hope springs eternal. In August, you can find Molly doing some truly unusual things as she participates in GISHWHES, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. Molly spends the rest of her free time searching for the perfect house to buy, occasionally playing video games, and chatting with friends.

E molly@epiphanycommunityservices.com
T (419) ­402-­4270


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What is your favorite book/TV show
My favorite book is usually whatever I happen to be reading at the time. So, right now, I’m reading The Broken Earth trilogy by N. K. Jemisin.

What skill would you like to master?
I would really love to learn how to use a pottery wheel.

At which store would you max out your credit card?
I could absolutely spend all my money at Restoration Hardware.

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