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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations operate in a environment unlike other private and public organizations. Due to this difference it is important for nonprofits to have the support necessary to operate most effectively and encourage continuous quality improvement. ECS can provide support, facilitation and analyses to nonprofit organizations from the point of view of those active in the nonprofit community.


  • Evaluation (Program evaluation, Constituent surveys, Organizational analysis)
  • Theory of Change and Logic Model Development
  • Program and Concept Development
  • Strategic and Action Planning
  • Capacity and Infrastructure Development
  • Resource Generation and Grant Assistance
  • Sustainability
  • Community Engagement
  • Campaign Development and Organizing
  • Leadership Development and Transition Planning
  • Nonprofit Start-­up Education
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Technology Support (Evaluation software, Member management, Hardware-­software integration, Student surveys, Constituent surveys, School surveys)
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