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ECS is an experienced evaluation and training firm that serves clients nationwide with a focus on clients in under-­served areas.

ECS can help your organization tell its story by bringing the right knowledge and tools to match your organization’s needs. We provide support in all areas of organization development, capacity building, and evaluation. With clients in rural and urban communities we have the diverse experience necessary to understand the specific needs of your organization and community.


Our experienced team of survey developers and organization consultants know that school districts are on the front lines of community challenges and community changes.
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Community Coalitions

We are passionate about training professionals in the “art” of coalition development to help support their work.
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Nonprofit Organizations

We offer the strategic support necessary to help nonprofits operate effectively, engage their stakeholders, and develop continuous quality improvement.
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Community Collaboratives

Our team can help diverse organizations come together to support planning, implementation, and evaluation in cross system collaborative and collective impact work.
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We work with funding organizations to ensure that sustainable resources are available to fulfill stated objectives.
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We have the technical experience and expertise necessary to assist government agencies working to address community level problems.
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