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Student Surveys

Student Surveys are an important data collection tool that provide the ability to collect data on students attitudes, beliefs and involvement within the community.  At ECS we want to help make this task easy on you by providing you with the tools necessary to successfully collect student survey data.  More information on our process, pricing fees and samples can be found below.

Student Survey

$1.75 survey

Student Survey

$4.75 survey

Base Price

$475 single year report


$100 up to 5 year comparison
    • Full Report With Tables & Graphs
    • Plus Up to a 5 Year Comparison of Your Data


$300 5 Addition/Changes
    • Up to 5 Changes/Additions
    • More than 5 result in extra fees

*For more information of our student surveys or for a quote contact Molly Campbell at*


  1. Pre-Planning Call (with Molly & first person of contact)
  2. Proposal Sent
  3. Scope of Work
    • Timeline of Implementation
    • Collection of demographics & establishment of population size
    • Outline of any changes or add ons
  4. Proposal with full layout of expectations
  5. Contract/ Addendum
  6. Survey Creation/ Approval of Final Version
  7. Data Collected
  8. Results compiled


Our pre-set surveys meet all the requirements for the follow:

  • DFC Core Measures
  • STOP Act
  • Modified CTC

Common cost drivers for survey costs:

  • Setup Cost
  • Staff Time (reporting, coding, data entry)
  • Customization
  • Number of Surveys



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