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Data Collection

Data collection is a great way to assess the needs of your community and the area you are serving.  Here at ECS we offer a variety of products and services depending on your demographic and what type of information you are looking to compile.  Collecting data can be difficult at times, but our products and services below are aimed to help you assess and serve your community’s needs with ease.

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Student surveys are a great way to collect data on student perceptions within the community on a multitude of topics. ECS can provide assistance with student surveys and development.  For more information on our student surveys contact Molly Campbell at or visit our Student Survey page by clicking the button below.

Student Surveys

Student Surveys are a great way to gather information on:

  • Student Substance use
  • Perception of harm
  • Perception of peer and parental disapproval
  • Access to ATOD’s

Parent surveys provide a great way to collect data on parental attitudes and beliefs in your community.  For more Information on our parent surveys and how to go about scheduling one, contact Molly Campbell at

Parent Surveys gather information on parents perceptions of:

  • Frequency of youth substance use
  • Where youth obtain alcohol
  • How easy it is to access
  • Impression on how youth view ATOD use

Sample Survey

Parent Survey

$1.50 survey
    • Data Collection, Cleaning, and Analysis
    • Basic Data Report
With community surveys you receive a more encompassing collection of data on your community as a whole as well as a variety of age ranges should you choose to target them.  Community surveys are a good way to see the whole picture and can help you realize where efforts might need to be focused.  For more information on community surveys contact Molly Campbell at

Community Surveys gather information on community perceptions of:

  • Challenges in the community
  • Adult participating in risk behaviors in the community
  • Types of risk behaviors you are participating in
  • Adults providing ATOD to youth

Sample Survey


Community Survey

$1.50 survey
    • Data Collection, Cleaning, and Analysis
    • Basic Data Report

Focus Groups:

  • Why Focus Groups?
    • Focus is usually concerning one specific topic (positive or negative)
    • Guided discussion where questions about perceptions, attitudes, opinions, and beliefs are included
    • Demographically diverse group of people which provides a better consensus on the topic of discussion
    • Focus groups are great for gaging how the community stands on issues and where more focus might need to be directed
  • How ECS can help!
    • Develop sample questions
    • Provide a report of the findings

Listening Sessions:

  • Why Listening Sessions?
    • Used to gage the audience’s opinions/thoughts on specific topics, questions, and issues in the community
    • Provides people the opportunity to express their point of views
  • How ECS can help!
    • ECS helps mediate the sessions
    • Provide a report of the findings

Student Summits:

  • Why Student Summits?
    • Provides education and skill building activities for youth
    • Positive youth learning experience
  • How ECS can help!
    • ECS can help mediate the sessions
    • Provide tips and skill building activities

Here at ECS we use Reach Evaluation Software as a tool to help organizations track their outputs and progress towards community level change. As a partner with Reaching Software, we offer the state of the art REACH Evaluation for tracking outputs, coalition processes, and programs. This online tool enables coalitions and collaborations to engage in strong evaluation with minimal paper and staff dedication.

Benefits of Reach:

  • Organizational Tracking
  • Personal Customization
  • Web Based
  • Data Warehouse
  • Easy Reporting
  • Easy Data Export
  • Indicator Engine
  • Community Engagement




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