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Community Coalitions

Community coalitions are in the business of creating community change from an on-­the-­ground community engaged perspective. They differ from nonprofit organizations in the way the function, why they operate and the activities they undertake. Due to their uniqueness coalitions need trained professionals in the “art” of coalition development to help support their work.

ECS provides services to community coalitions, targeted towards the strengths and challenges of community coalitions and assists in the analysis and/or facilitation of community change processes. We also specialize in coalition evaluation and analysis of contribution.

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ECS Staff


  • Evaluation (Coalition evaluation, Program evaluation, Constituent surveys, School surveys, Organizational analysis)
  • Theory of Change and Logic Model Development
  • Intervention Mapping
  • Strategic and Action Planning
  • Capacity and Infrastructure Development
  • Resource Generation and Grant Assistance
  • Sustainability
  • Member Recruitment and Engagement
  • Campaign Development and Organizing
  • Leadership Development and Transition Planning
  • Coalition Start-­up Education
  • Technology Support (Evaluation software, Member management, Hardware-­software integration, Student surveys, Constituent surveys, School surveys)

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