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Zoom User Tips for Retreat Week

Use the menu below for help with Zoom for ECS Virtual Retreat Week

ECS recommends for our Virtual Retreat Week, that attendees use a laptop/desktop for virtually attending the retreat sessions. Click here to download Zoom.
For easy check-in for Virtual Retreat Week, we recommend signing up for a free Zoom account under your own name so that it will match the name that you have registered for the Retreat with.  You will only be allowed to attend sessions if you are on the registration list so having the correct name on your Zoom account is important. Click here to set up your free Zoom account today.
ECS will only be admitting people into sessions that are on the registration list so if your name is not correct and you have to change it please leave the waiting room and change your Zoom account name via the instructions below. Then you must re-join the meeting after you have updated your account name. Option 1: If you are on the desktop app version of Zoom then you will use the following to change your Zoom account name.   Option 2: If you are using the online Zoom website to log in, use the following steps to change your Zoom account name.   Once you have successfully changed your name on your Zoom account refer back to the Retreat Schedule to click on the link to join/re-join a session.
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