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Sessions and Speakers

2019 ECS Coalition Retreat Sessions and Speakers


Organizing Your Coalition’s Meet and Greet

There are many reasons for establishing an annual Coalition Meet & Greet Event. They include:

  • Empowering current members to plan and organize a project using their skills talents

  • Introducing stakeholders and community members to your coalition

  • Collecting additional data to update and strengthen your logic model

  • Building capacity (both human, material and financial resources)

  • Expanding community connectedness

  • Strengthening relationships between current youth & adult members

  • Having youth-adult members engage and interact with guests

  • Reporting on coalition projects, successes, data & challenges

  • Creating a call to action for stakeholders & community members through different levels of participation

This session will identify how to accomplish ALL of these goals in one annual event and how to make the event both fun & successful.

Felicia Scocozza
Executive Director, Riverhead Community Coalition for Safe and Drug-Free Youth
Riverhead, NY

Felicia Scocozza, LMSW, has been the Executive Director of Riverhead Community Awareness Program, Inc. (CAP) since 1999. She earned both an MSW and BA degree from Stony Brook University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. She graduated from CADCA’s National Coalition Academy in 2015. As Executive Director of Riverhead CAP, she provides oversight to the nonprofit community-based drug and alcohol prevention organization and supervises a staff of seven, including three social workers that provide school-based prevention counseling and evidence-based programming, and three community prevention specialists that coordinate coalition initiatives, environmental strategies, as well as volunteer recruitment and training. She also serves as the Program Director for the Riverhead Community Coalition for Safe and Drug-Free Youth, a recipient of both Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program and STOP Act grants. The coalition was awarded the Coalition of Excellence Award from CADCA in 2017 for Short-Term Outcomes and in 2018 for Intermediate Outcomes. In 2017 CAP was awarded both the NY National Guard Counterdrug Task Force Community Based Organization of the Year Award and the MADD Community Awareness Award. She collaborates with community stakeholders and utilizes these partnerships toward the sustainability of CAP and the coalition. She received the NYS OASAS Making a Difference Award in 2016, the Kiwanis of Greater Riverhead Star of the Community Award in 2015, the Times Review Educator of the Year in 2017, and serves on the Suffolk County Youth Board Coordinating Council and as an advisor to the Riverhead Town Board.


Kelly Miloski
Project Coordinator, Riverhead Community Coalition for Safe and Drug-Free Youth
Riverhead, NY

Kelly Miloski, MPH has been the Coordinator of the Riverhead Community Coalition for Safe and Drug-Free Youth since 2014. She grew up in Riverhead, New York and holds a Masters degree in Public Health focused in Health Services Administration from the University at Buffalo. She graduated from CADCA’s National Coalition Academy in 2015. As part of her role as coordinator, she provides strong support for planning and implementing environmental strategies and has successfully increased engagement in all 12 sectors of the coalition. Kelly was instrumental in developing the Riverhead Youth Coalition. She is also a certified TIPS trainer and oversees a Life Skills Training program taught to 5 th and 6 th grade students. Kelly played a key role in working with the Town of Riverhead and other important stakeholders to create safer alcohol use at local festivals through the town’s first ever comprehensive alcohol policy. She has presented at CADCA’s National Leadership Forum and Mid-Year Training Institute on developing alcohol policy and building coalition capacity. Kelly has also presented at Epiphany Community Services’ Annual Coalition Retreat on other topics that her coalition has had success with, including unique Medication Take Back events, the relocation of a medical marijuana dispensary within their community and coalition member engagement. Prior to her work with the coalition, she worked for other healthcare organizations, including the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, and Peconic Bay Medical Center – Northwell Health.

Managing Staff Transitions

In prevention work and specifically within coalitions we tend to sometimes see high staff turnover.  Due to turnover, we can see our progress towards our goals delayed and slow moving sometimes.  This session is designed to help coalitions learn how to better manage staff turnover to mitigate the slow down in work towards their goals.

Deborah Dalmat
Program Director, Schuyler County Coalition
Watkins Glenn, NY

Deborah Dalmat, MPH, CHES serves as the Program Director for the Schuyler County Coalition on Underage Drinking and Drugs (SCCUDD). Deborah served as the Project Coordinator for the Coalition from 2014 to 2016. From 2016 to 2018, Deborah worked in a different role within the fiscal agency but provided orientation and guidance to new Project Coordinators and filled in as the Interim Project Coordinator during times of Coalition staff transition. In late 2018, Deborah assumed the role of Program Director for the Coalition.

Deborah graduated from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health with a Master of Public Health (MPH) and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Florida. She is also a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).


Ward Brower
Program Coordinator, Schuyler County Coalition
Watkins Glenn, NY

Ward Brower has served as the Project Coordinator for the Schuyler County Coalition on Underage Drinking and Drugs (SCCUDD) since November 2018. He is a proud father of five, a recent “empty- nester” and married to the love of his life. Ward has a very long and diverse history working with “at-risk “youth. He has worked in public education for the last thirteen years. Before that, Ward has worked with youth in Residential and Treatment facilities, Maximum Secure Detention, a children’s hospital, and with the Schuyler County Youth Bureau.

Ward completed his undergraduate degree at SUNY Cortland where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Education. He went on to graduate from Elmira College where he earned his Master of Science in Education- Literacy: Birth to Grade 12. Ward holds teaching certifications in Health education, Literacy Education, and previously Physical Education.

Tobacco Policy

Coming Soon.

Camille Croweak
Program Coordinator, Champions for a Drug-Free Grant County
Grant County, KY

Camille Croweak is the Drug-Free Communities Project Coordinator for Champions for a Drug-Free Grant County, located in Kentucky. Camille took this position in 2016 upon award of the grant but has been involved with this coalition since 2010 through work with her previous employer. Camille began her career as a substance use prevention specialist in 2008 with work at a Regional Prevention Center in Kentucky. She is a certified Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Trainer (SAPST) through SAMHSA and CAPT. She works closely with the state of Kentucky to provide these trainings throughout the year to new prevention specialists in the field. Camille received her Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Louisville in 2007 and became a Certified Prevention Specialist in 2009.

LGBTQ+ & Prevention

Cultural competency is a critical part of any coalition’s strategic planning process. The LGBTQ+ community is at heightened risk for addiction and other behavioral health issues yet are often an ignored sector in our communities.  In this workshop, participants will learn risk factors that members of the LGBTQ+ community face and will engage in activities that put those risk factors into perspective. Participants will learn to identify and learn about sexual and gender minorities and will walk away with practical ways to include the LGBTQ+ community in their action planning.

Ryan Palmer
Project Coordinator, Partners In Prevention
Secaucus, NJ

Ryan Teddy Palmer is a proud product of the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute (LMTI), which is a statewide youth leadership training program in New Jersey. He first attended LMTI back in 2009 as a participant and currently serves as the Project Coordinator for the program. Ryan earned his degree in Journalism & Media Studies from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing his Masters in Communication Studies at Kean University. His passion for drug and alcohol prevention began back in high school where he was an Executive Board member for his Student Prevention Education League. Ryan has worked at the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute for the past five years, helping youth to develop leadership skills, to develop and implement community action plans, and to become advocates for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention.

Cultural Sensitivity

In our growing economy it is more important than ever to make sure we are aware of different cultures and the diversity we see around us.  It is equally as important to make sure we bring this knowledge into the work we do in prevention and make sure we are being culturally sensitive.  This session is centered around applying that knowledge to our everyday lives and work we are doing in our communities.

Anthony Menafro
Research Specialist, Hudson County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community
Secaucus, NJ

Anthony Menafro is the Research Specialist for Partners in Prevention and Hudson County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community. As an undergraduate, Anthony interned at Partners in Prevention and upon receiving his degrees in Public Health and Psychology, he was approached by the agency to join full-time. Since 2016, Anthony has been working in the field of prevention in various ways such as a Prevention Educator, Coalition Coordinator, and now serving as the Research Specialist.


Yoku Crentsil
Coalition Coordinator, Hudson County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community
Secaucus, NJ

Yoku Crentsil serves as a Coalition Coordinator for the Hudson County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community. He grew up in East Brunswick, New Jersey and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration with a minor concentration in the Biological Sciences from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, NJ. Approaching the 1-year mark of holding this position, Yoku has bolstered his coalition’s effort to empower and collaborate with youth throughout Hudson County to not only vocalize their concerns but also actively prevent substance misuse and abuse. He also provides immense support for planning and implementing environmental strategies involving every sector of the community.

Implementing SBIRT

Mike Czerwonka, Building A Safer Evansville (BASE) President and District School Social Worker and BASE Executive Director Jen Braun will talk about how the coalition and schools partnered to have Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) implemented in the Evansville High School. This session will include trainings needed, implementation logistics, how the coalition and schoolwork together, who needs to have buy-in and sustainability of the program.

Jen Braun
Executive Director, Building A Safer Evansville
Evansville, WI

Jennifer Braun has worked in the public health community, and with Drug-Free Communities Coalitions, for the past eight years and served as the Executive Director of Building A Safer Evansville (BASE) for the past seven years. Jennifer holds degrees in Communications and Political Science from UW-Whitewater. When she’s not focusing on public health, she concentrates on raising tiny humans and furry friends, and enjoys reading, traveling and thrift shopping.


Mike Czerwonka
Coalition Member, Building A Safer Evansville
Evansville, WI

Mike Czerwonka has been a professional social worker for the past 20 years. He has worked as a Child Protective Services Social Worker, A Family Advocate/Crisis Counselor, A Bereavement Counselor and as a School Social Worker for the past 15 years.

Hosting an Action-Oriented Meeting

In this session, you will learn how using facilitation skills and the F.A.I.R. conversation will allow you to engage all members.  Giving everyone at the table a voice, leading to effective and productive meetings.  In turn, empowering your members to take ownership of the work to create community-level change.

Karie Terhark
Director, Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention
Britt, IA

Karie has been the Director of Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention for the last 5 years.  ASAP serves all of Hancock County, IA and is currently finishing year 5 of the DFC grant.  Previously, Karie worked 10 years in the Human Resource field along with being a small business owner.  She is working on becoming a Certified ToP Facilitator and is currently in their Mastery Program.


Sandy Rayhons
Program Coordinator, Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention
Britt, IA

Sandy Rayhons is the Project Coordinator at Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) a Drug-Free Communities funded county coalition in northern Iowa. She also serves as the Vice Chairperson for the Alliance of Coalitions for Change (AC4C), a unified group of coalitions across the state of Iowa working together to further reduce the effects of substance abuse on Iowans. Sandy started working in prevention in 2010 as the Project Coordinator with a local community coalition before joining ASAP in Prior to that she was in the social work field focusing on home visiting programs with children and families. Her career includes working as an In-home Family Therapist and Program Coordinator for an Iowa-based home visiting program. She received her BA in Human Services from Buena Vista University and has her license in Social Work.

Sandy is a native of Garner, Iowa where she currently resides. She and her husband have three children and two grandsons. She enjoys traveling, reading, movies and spending time with her family and friends.

Community Norms Campaign

During this session, we are going to see how a coalition efficiently organizes and runs a community norms campaign.  As well as some tips, how-tos, and struggles they might have had along the way of implementing the campaign.

Tammie Doebler
Program Coordinator, Lake of the Woods Coalition
Baudette, MN

Tammie Doebler has been engaged in coalition work for 12 years and has successfully started two community coalitions. She is currently serving as the coordinator for the Lake of the Woods Prevention Coalition. Tammie started working with youth as a mentor through a local non-profit organization. She later became the director of the program which then led her in the direction of community mobilizing around youth-focused issues. Tammie’s passion revolves around helping youth thrive by finding their greatest potential. She has helped create a community culture that empowers youth to be alcohol, tobacco and drug-free. Tammie has shared her knowledge and expertise on this topic by speaking at several conferences in Minnesota and at the National CADCA Forum with Dr. Jeff Linkenbach. In 2007 she received the Minnesota Juvenile Officer’s Association Award for Outstanding Service and the Minnesota Crime Prevention Team of the Year Award. Tammie has been working with Positive Community Norms and the Science of the Positive process for 11 years and has seen first-hand how communities can change through the implementation of this Framework.

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